Three Ways to Check Your Blind Spots while Driving

It is important to be aware of your blind spots as a driver. This will help you avoid any unwanted accidents. Blind spots are areas on your car’s sides that can be seen from the side mirrors. You must inspect your car’s blind spots when merging or changing lanes. If you don’t have mirrors you will need to turn your head back to see what is out. This is necessary to keep you safe from serious injuries or accidents.

Take Care

Concentrate on where, when, and how you want to look around your vehicle from every angle. This will allow you to see signs, signals, and road markings. You should also pay attention to your rear and check the mirrors every 3-5 seconds for blind spots.

Communication with Drivers

You can use the different methods to sign other drivers regarding your moving path. You can use the directional, headlights and hand signals to sign other drivers about your moving path.

Cushion Safety

Keep the front at a distance of about 3-5 seconds. We can’t know what vehicles will do behind us so it is important to keep a safe distance. If you are tailgated you can slow down and increase the distance to prevent abrupt braking.

Before You Enter Your Vehicle

  • To determine if your vehicle can be moved in the area, check out the surroundings.
  • If the car is able to withstand the pressure, check its condition.
  • You should look out for any fluid leaks in your vehicle that could indicate a technical problem.

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